While the Molinari company has expanded and manufacturing processes have been modernized, the company's commitment to it's traditional products has ensured that it's reputation for quality has remained consistent throughout the years.

Our manufacturing process is meticulous. Every product goes through a step by step process that has been proven through centuries of tradition. We use only the best quality pork cuts available to manufature our products and it shows.

The first step in the manufacturing process is hydroflaking the frozen blocks of certified pork. Hydroflaking breaks the meat down into workable pieces that are mixed during the blending process.

STEP 2:After blending the meat is now on its way to the chopper where all the ingredientes are proportianately distributed to create the consistent quality products that Molinari has been known for for over 100 years.

STEP 3:Molinari adds it's own custom blend of spices to the mixture. These spices are mixed in Molinari's own on-site spice room to assure consistent quality.

STEP 4:After the meat is chopped and mixed with the spices it is brought to the stuffer. At this time the product is stuffed into different sized casings to satisfy the different needs of deli operators and restauranteurs. These casings easily peel off the salame saving the end user time, effort and labor. From salame bats to under one pound chubs, the product quality is the same.

STEP 5:The salame is now ready for curing. The aging process consists of a gradual mold growth on the dry salame. This mold growth is an essential factor for dry curing salame in the San Francisco region. The process takes about 4 weeks to complete. Dry curing is a slow process which ensures a high quality product. All Molinari dry cured products are manufactured using the same method.

These salames are kept in temperature and humidity controlled rooms to ensure proper curing stages. During the entire drying procedure the product is tested and monitored for proper ageing. Molinari's manufacturing process assures consistent quality with the traditional style of old-world sausage making.

When the salame is properly cured, it is then packaged and shipped for consumption. Molinari sausage and salame are available across the nation through an extensive network of distributors. Molinari's own fleet of trucks delivers its products throughout Northern California.

The Molinari family is committted to producing these excellent quality products into the next century and beyond.