Italian Salsiccia (Mild), No fennel Sicilian Sausage, with fennel
(Hot or Sweet)
Molinari Italian Salsiccia
Old-fashioned Italian sausage in a natural casing, with the leanest pork and finest spices. 5 links to the pound, available in 10lb. boxes.

Molinari Sicilian Sausage Sweet or Hot
Fresh Sicilian style sausage made with fennel seed and spices. Great for pizza toppings or with peppers. Available bulk or in casings. 5 links to the pound. Available in 10lb. box

Breakfast Links Luganega Pork Sausage
Molinari Toscano Style Dry Salame
This breakfast link sausage is a very lean all pork breakfast sausage in a natural sheep casing. It is sold in a rope style sausage.

Molinari Finocchiona Salame
The Luganega is a traditional pork sausage from the northern region of Italy. It is a very delicate sausage made from all pork, with a hint of white wine, and spices.

French Style Sausage Coteghino
Molinari Pepperoni
A delicately seasoned pure pork sausage in natural casing. 3/4 inch diameter.

Molinari Sopressata
Traditional Italian style dinner sausage. Stuffed in 1lb. links, 1.5 inch in diameter.

Chorizo, Mexican Style Calabrese Sausage
Molinari Chorizo, Mexican Style
All pork with chili peppers. Mexican style chorizo.

Molinari Rosette
Southern Italian stye sausage spiced with a hint of fennel, in a natural casing. 5 links to the pound, available in 5lb. cryovac bags.

Linguisa Greek Sausage
A traditional Portuguese style all-pork sausage.

Greek Sausage
Authentic old world recipe, Locanico is spiced with oregano, thyme and orange peel.