Italian Dry Salame Hot Salame
Molinari Italian Dry Salame
Finely minced pork, in random size E-Z peel casings and dry cured.
Sizes & Ave. Wt : V2(3 lb), V3(2 lb), V5(13 oz), Salametti (5 lb/string of 12 pcs in small diameter natural casing which gives it an old-fashioned flavor).

Molinari Hot Salame Calabrese style
Spicy, Calabrese style all pork dry salame.
Sizes & Average Weight: V2(3 lb), V3(2 lb), Net(4 lb).

Toscano Style Dry Salame Finocchiona Salame
Molinari Toscano Style Dry Salame
A tangy all pork salame, coarsely chopped with traditional flavor and stuffed in E-Z Peel casings.
Sizes & Average Weight: Jumbo (6 lb), Net (4 lb).

Molinari Finocchiona Salame
All pork salame with whole fennel seed; dry cured. Great for a antipasto dish.
Average Weight: 4 lb. per piece.

Pepperoni Sopressata
Molinari Pepperoni
Coarse chopped lean pork. Dried with a spicy hot flavor. Good for pizza or just to snack.
Sizes & Average Weight: V2(3 lb), Links(5 lb/pkg of 14 links). Both are vacuum packaged.

Molinari Sopressata
All pork salame with burgundy wine; dry cured. Available in E-Z Peel casing or in small diameter natural casing which gives it an old-fashioned flavor.
Sizes & Average Weight : Net (4 lb), Rings (5 lb/10 pcs string).

Calabrese Rosette
Molinari Calabrese
All-pork Southern-style Salame from the region of Calabria. Enjoy this dry cured Salame with a semi-soft cheese, and of course your favorite wine!
Average Weight: 2 lbs.

Molinari Rosette
All-pork French style saussison sec from Lyon, France. Burgundy wine, whole peppercorns for spice. Enjoy with a hard table cheese and of course wine!
Average Weight: 3 lbs.